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What are the Advantages of Wind Energy?

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what are the advantages of wind energy

What are the Advantages of Wind Energy?

While people make a clear distinction between solar and wind energy, they actually have the same source, the Sun. The Sun heats up different parts of our planet and causes temperature differences in the atmosphere. This is how wind is created. Just like solar energy, wind energy is all around us. Though it comes with its challenges, harnessing wind energy has many advantages. What are they? Read on!

Objective as we are, here is a list of advantages of wind energy:

It is Cost Effective

The cost of running a wind turbine is very low to the cost of running a fossil-fuel system. Generating electricity from wind is free as it does not require fuel to function. Also, since the system requires little maintenance, the cost of maintenance is extremely low.

The initial cost of acquiring a wind turbine might still be high however, manufacturers are making efforts to reduce it further. Additionally, future mass production of wind turbines will also help to drive the costs down.

Wind is a Clean Source

One of the main advantages of wind energy is how it reduces carbon emissions, saving the climate. One common challenge faced with electricity production from fossil-fuel combustion is the emission of carbon and other gas that are harmful to human health. With wind energy, all of these are eliminated offering a clean and renewable source.

Wind is Everywhere

There is no limit to which region can utilize wind energy, as wind is available everywhere. This means that any region or home that wants to venture into generating power from wind can do so. However, it is advisable to pick areas that are more suitable for wind energy generation to reduce your payback period.

Elevated locations are a prime candidate because the higher it is the stronger the wind gets. Open areas without any obstructions are also appropriate for harnessing wind energy. The wind to produce electricity does not have to be strong either, with the lower boundary standing at 8 miles per hour (13 kilometres per hour).

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It is Sustainable

Wind energy is similar to the sun’s energy. The wind is a result of the sun heating the atmosphere, the rotation of the earth, and the earth’s irregular surface. Hence, the wind will always be available as much as the earth rotates and the sun shines. Moreover, wind turbines do not create any harmful waste as a byproduct.

Wind farm installations still allow farmers to cultivate the land around them

Wind farm installations still allow farmers to cultivate the land around them.

Wind Turbines Cause No Disruptions

One major advantage of wind turbines is how they do not disturb farmers from cultivating their land. The turbines require only a fraction of the land. Hence, while ranchers and farmers are being paid from wind power plant owners, they can continue using the other portion of their land. This is a win-win for both parties.

Job Creation

Wind energy has been a blessing as it has created jobs for many people. Studies show that jobs created in the wind energy sector are increasing substantially. This has been one of the fastest growing sectors in recent years in countries that take wind energy seriously.

Prices are Decreasing

One interesting fact about wind turbines is their continuously decreasing prices. What has been very pricey decades ago is now becoming something many can afford. This is further helping roll out this technology into the mainstream.

Furthermore, with the advancements in technology, manufactures are able to produce turbines at lower costs. Along with the increased competition in the sector, this is forcing manufacturers to keep their prices low to beat their competitors.

Wind energy is currently being used in commercial applications (large-scale wind farms). However, as more homes and businesses adopt this technology, we can expect prices to come down even lower.